Our story

The Switch

TVRUS (formerly known as Dappertimeph) started as a platform to showcase how easy it can be to look luxurious without having to spend  premium money. Once you wear a timepiece from us, you instantly feel powerful and good about yourself, without feeling guilty about what you spent.

But while true, this didn’t sit right. It felt as if the brand did not reflect how we, as founders, truly are. Our mission lacked meaning. We needed to look beyond seeming luxurious as this mission excluded a far more important market – everyone.

This is why we decided to phase out most of our designs, make our own, and change our name to TVRUS*

Why try to look luxurious when the grandest thing you can do is invest in yourself? The returns you get from investing in yourself will always outweigh all other material investments,.

We try to follow the footsteps of UNIQLO.  They give everyone the opportunity to  buy the essentials without having to spend so much. They enable Filipinos to focus on their craft even more, as looking presentable is no longer a problem.

Like UNIQLO, we believe that looking just well-off shouldn’t be the goal! Being smart about your purchasing decisions and everyday habits while looking good should be the goal! 

Our watch is a reminder that you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to look good. Be better today, save for the future – start with a TVRUS watch.



*TVRUS (tah-rus) is taken from the word Tartarus. It was a prison where Chronos, god of time was locked up