Cedar - TVRUS
Cedar - TVRUS
Cedar - TVRUS


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Genuine leather

Alloy | stainless steel crown


Suitable for everyday use. Splash/rain resistant.


Suitable for everyday use. Rust & discoloration proof. Can be worn while swimming but not diving.

Make your timepiece last longer!

Excessive heat and humidity can lead to increased sweat, potentially causing your watch to fade. To maintain its appearance, it is advisable to clean your watch 3x a week. Use our cloth or a microfiber cloth to wipe the case thoroughly, ensuring the removal of any accumulated dirt or dust.

For our stainless steel watches, you may just wipe it anytime. No extra care needed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Tricia Boquer
Affordable with a class!

I bought this as a gift to my husband and he loved it! From the packaging, the box, and to the watch itself, it’s so perfect! They are affordable in price and has very competitive quality. Will definitely purchase again soon! Thank you! ❤️

Noel Alarcon
Built to withstand the rigors of our daily grind!

We all agree that the Cedar is a classic, a dapper and timeless at that. Wearing the Cedar gives you this instant impression of being in the elite. But did anyone ever ask "matibay ba?" Well, I got my answer immediately right after delivery when I dropped it face down on the floor!
The first thing I did is to look for some dent, scratch or detached parts on the face. To my surprise, none of my fears happened. There was not a single scratch or damage on my Cedar.
Truly, the Cedar does not only exude the look of classic sophistication, it is also built to withstand the rigors of our daily grind!

Jervin Gaspar
Best buys

Got 2 watches from them and I still order more

What an awesome timepiece!

I'm still stunned ever since I got this timepiece, no cap! This was recommended to me with no regrets. The watch is a perfect fit and suits my OOTD. The watch is minimalistic and highly recommended for a minimalist like me. I thought it was broken since it doesn't have a sweep second-hand. But works fine. The strap is genuine leather, but we cannot avoid the fact that it will be worn out with everyday use. Above all, this is a great timepiece no doubt. Thank you again tvrusph!

Steve! Thank you so much for appreciating our brand. Too sweet!

maude alpha
aesthetically classy

one of the best timepieces i had so far—great for quick errands and meetings,the cedar watch won't let you down in every get up. so stylish and classy—perfect for a minimalist person like me. would love to purchase again. more power! cheers! xx